Seven standards to choose a pair of good shoes

August 19, 2017


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Whether at work, shopping or out travel, one pair of good shoes is especially very important, it can reduce foot abrasion, avoid incurring other physical problems. Recently, the “Japanese Economic News” published expert opinions, teach you how to select pairs of high quality shoes according to seven major criteria.

A plastic surgeon at Japan’s Tokyo university school of medicine affiliated hospital, pointed out that the shoes that fit for the feet will lead to hallux valgus, deformed nails, corns and other foot problems, and even cause back pain and knee lesions after a long time. Yokohama feet and walking institute director and physical therapist, stressed that shoes that unsuitable for feet will disrupt the body center of gravity, leading to imbalances in the body, the pace of disorder, which is the crucial reason that cause many physical problems.

Before choose shoes, we must know our feet shape. Generally speaking, there are three feet shapes. dfxcnv1vs

Asian type: most Asians have these feet shape. The character is that halluces are longer that the other four toes visibly, instep is relatively wide and tall, heel is not round enough. People with such feet shape should pay attention to whether the shoes heel fit for feet, otherwise feet will easily slip from the shoes.

Square type: most of the people who are order than 65-years-old have such feet shape. The character is that halluces is almost long as middle toe, the toes are a bit thick, little toe will be easily oppressed when wearing shoes. People with such feet shape should pay special attention that the shoes ministry of toe couldn’t be too narrow; otherwise, it will be easy to pinch the toes.

European and American type: European and American feet shape is characterized long toes, instep is relatively narrow and flat, rounder heel, since the body’s stress will be concentrated in two toes, so these people should choose bigger size shoes.

After knowing of the feet shape, you can accord to the following seven criteria to pick shoes:

① soft hard moderate heel, can just wrap heel. ② with finger pressing the middle of heel and insoles, soft hard moderate , and no subsidence phenomenon. ③ with fingers inserted into the toe, feel whether the width of shoes leave enough space to toes, for women shoes stay out of 1cm while men shoes about 2cm. ④ look at whether the ankle fit for shoes throat, topline should not be too narrow or wide, the topline of inside ankle should be lower than outside. ⑤ soles should be able to provide adequate support for the arch of the foot, no feel of tight or loose sense of arch while walking. ⑥ soles of should be soft, comfortable, easy to bend, otherwise it will cause the foot muscle pain. ⑦ soles toe part should be with a certain curvature, if flat, easy walk wrestling.